Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Our trip to Albuquerque was for Eli's grandma's 80th birthday celebration. There I met all of Eli's aunt's and uncle's (which is the first time I've seen a lot of them) and some of his cousins from his dad's side. But there are a lot I still haven't met. Most of our time there we kicked back and got to visit with his family. We also took a trip to old town, we went to the aquarium, and we took the tram to the top of the mountain and it rained on us the only time that it rained while we were there. The rain would have been nice while we were walking around old town. It was HOT! While we were at Eli's grandparents house Ethan tripped and ran into a very solid corner piece of cement bird bath that was in the backyard. Thank goodness there was a doctor in the house! We would have taken him to the ER! We thought he needed stitches. Dr. Grandpa said we just needed to super glue it. So we did. I think he's going to have a scar for the rest of his life (one just like his dad has on his forehead) but he is healed and we had fun in New Mexico.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Peterson Family Reunion

This was a reunion for all of my grandpa's siblings families. So I didn't know most of the people there. But I was able to see all of my family and my favorite cousins. Seeing my grandpa was the highlight though. I rarely get a chance to go see him so it was really special.