Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sick Day

Ethan's first stay at home sick day from school. Poor kid. He's hoarse and coughing. He had red puffy circles under his eyes, so I am glad that he actually fell asleep for a nap. Today is actually the day I could hang out with him and do stuff and instead he needs to rest. So I am just bumming around the house, doing some crafts, making sure bills are paid, checking our budget, etc...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Cascade Reunion

Our Cascade reunion was just my immediate family. That is always fun. Maybe just being the youngest sibling I really enjoy the time we get to all spend together. Ethan enjoyed spending all of his time with his cousins. It was just fun all around. We got to go on a hike, play by the river, LOTS of family dinners, and Ethan's favorite, we got to ride the Thunder Mountain Express (train). He and cousin Charlie thought there was nothing better in the world than to get to ride a real train! It was lot's of fun. With Autumn right around the corner we have more excitment to look forward to. Baby Max will be coming soon! But first we have Halloween!